#educoachOC Chat 8: Coaching Contexts


Chat 8 Promo slide

Our next #educoachOC monthly chat is about contexts for coaching in schools. In particular, we’d like to explore the antecedent conditions for coaching: the precursors to the introduction of coaching in each of our educational contexts.

To set the scene for this chat you might want to read some of our team’s individual blog posts from last year. In If coaching is the answer, what is the question? Chris explores the starting points for coaching in his school context and in Developing a Coaching Model: Choices & Considerations he discusses some of the factors to be considered in moving from initial catalyst to developing a context-specific approach. In Implementing a coaching model: One school’s approach Deb explains her school’s approach to developing a coaching model.

Taking this notion of contexts for coaching further, and considering where our initial starting points might ultimately lead, the Global Framework for Coaching in Education

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