#educoachOC Chat 9: Listening

Listening in a Coaching Context: next #educoachOC Twitter chat – Monday 6 June 8.30pm Australian EST



Our next #educoachOC chat will focus on listening in a coaching context. Alongside other key coaching skills such as questioning, clarifying and empathising, the way we listen and engage with the coachee – with our ears, gestures and eyes – is perhaps the most fundamentally important factor in building the trust required for coaching to be effective.

Listening in everyday conversation can be very different from listening in coaching. We all know people who are poor listeners and we recognise the signs when we do not have someones full attention. There may be a clicking of a keyboard at the other end of the phone, or a TV program playing in the background, or a lack of response or nonsensical answer when you’ve asked a question. When the conversation is face to face we can see this lack of attention to what we are saying in the lack of eye contact, body language and expression. We can also…

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