#educoachOC Chat 11: Differentiating Coaching

Next #educoachOC chat – Mon 5 Sep – Differentiating Coaching – pre-blog and chat questions.



This Monday, on 5 September, our monthly #educoachOC chat will be exploring the topic of differentiating coaching.

If coaching is viewed as a catalyst and support for professional growth, then the process should be able to be applied to any individual’s contexts and priorities. Often we see coaching as a model differentiated by its open processes and intent to focus on the individual being coached. But does any coaching process, framework or approach fit most individuals and their growth needs?

In education, coaches are involved in coaching people at a variety of places in their careers and personal lives. People come into a coaching conversation with different priorities, different starting points and different needs. Early career teachers. Mid-career teachers. Veteran teachers. Highly reflective practitioners. Less reflective practitioners. Those struggling with change processes, work contexts or personal events. Aspiring leaders. New leaders. Middle leaders. Executive leaders.

As coaching is about helping…

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  1. It was a really interesting topic to be a part of, I was just wondering if from your experience(s) you have read or touched upon the differentiation involved in coaching in an online space and maybe some of the differences?


  2. Hi Aaron, thanks for your comment, and participation in the chat.
    By “online space” do you mean through messaging, Skype or Voxer and the like? There’s also telephone coaching which works well but is different because you don’t have the visual cues. I have informally coached via Voxer and this has some positives in terms of thinking time (for both) and being able to replay bits and take notes but I’m not entirely convinced yet. I wonder if it would be worth a proper trial of something like this? How’s the confidentiality and security of these types of platform?


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