#educoachOC Chat 12: A Coaching Way of Being


Our next #educoachOC chat will explore the notion of ‘a coaching way of being’.

The phrase “way of being” in the context of one-to-one relationships originates in the work of psychologist Carl Rogers (1980) whose ‘person-centred’ theories remain at the root of coaching today.

Christian van Nieuwerburgh (2014) presents three elements of effective coaching as shown in the diagram below. (This version was adapted for a previous blog post to distinguish between the components that come into play in formal coaching conversations and a coaching ‘style’ of conversation).


A coaching way of being could be thought of as the difference between doing coaching and being a coach. We can all develop a set of helpful coaching skills such as effective questioning, active listening, paraphrasing, etc., and we may choose to utilise a particular coaching process, model or framework to help manage the conversation, but how does the coach need to…

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