My “new” role and my blogging/writing

You may have noticed (or not!) that I haven’t blogged here for quite some time. Well, today I finally got around to updating my “about me” page as follows:

In 2017, I took up a full-time position as Senior Consultant with Growth Coaching International (GCI). In this exciting new role I provide coaching, and facilitate coaching training programs, for educators across Victoria and beyond. 

Any specific reference to GCI programs on this blog prior to me joining the company were based on my own direct experience as a participant in their training programs. This is a personal blog and is not endorsed or sponsored by GCI. For this reason, most of my writing about coaching is now done slightly more formally here and in other education publications.

This means that I’m no longer a teacher (although I think I’ll probably always be a teacher) and I’m now an education consultant. I am acutely aware of the privileged position that I now get to occupy. My new role allows me to make a different kind of positive impact on teacher development, school communities and, ultimately, student learning. Coaching gives me an honoured insight into the professional worlds of so many educators, and facilitation allows me to pass on my knowledge and experience of something that has become my “thing” – coaching in education. The learning is always reciprocal.

I’ll continue to share my writing by posting links here for the time being and I may still do the occasional reflective piece but this is proving to be a luxury that I can’t find the time for at the moment. Maybe I need some coaching on that….

Thanks for your support and encouragement on the journey so far.

Best wishes,



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