#educoachOC Chat 22: Metaphors for Coaching

Blog to accompany last months #educoachOC twitter chat. Contains some links to further reading.


In this month’s chat we’d like to try something a little different and explore our metaphors for coaching.

The use of metaphor within coaching conversations can be a powerful way of helping the coachee to gain insight into their challenge and clarity around what they would like to be different going forward. Often, a coachee will use a metaphor when discussing their situation and the astute coach will pick this up and run with it. Leaders in particular, will use metaphors such as “drowning in admin” or “the pot boiling over” to describe their workload. In talking about their roles, they will often use a metaphor such as “steering a ship” or having a “view from the bridge”, or taking a “balcony view” of what’s going on. These can be very fruitful territory for the coach to tease out with the coachee. Recently I had a conversation with a newly…

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