About Me

What you’ll find here is me trying to make sense of my experiences, thoughts and ideas. It’s about clarifying and articulating my own thinking as well as reaching out for constructive feedback and challenge from others. You’ll see that I have a particular interest in coaching in education and I am passionate about teacher development and growth.

I’m a Scot now very happily settled in Melbourne, Australia, with my family. I am currently employed in a teacher leadership position in a large independent Catholic college having previously held positions as a Secondary classroom teacher, Head of Department, Curriculum Support Teacher and Leading Teacher in government schools in Scotland and Melbourne. I have also worked with the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) and Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Education (HMIe). I spent five years in Initial Teacher Education at the University of Aberdeen where I was privileged to be part of the development and leadership of an innovative program preparing Primary and Secondary teachers for entry to the profession.

I hold a Master of Research (MRes) degree in Social and Educational Research from the University of Aberdeen.

I am an Accredited Coach with Growth Coaching International (GCI) and currently work (part-time in 2016) as a Consultant Coach and Facilitator for GCI. Any specific reference to GCI programs on this blog are based on my own direct experience as a participant in their training programs. This is a personal blog and is not endorsed or sponsored by either of my current employers.

Thanks for visiting.


Further information on my experience and qualifications can be found here.

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